Healthy versus Unhealthy Fats

A low carb diet means that healthy fats need to be increased. However the type of fat matters greatly. Healthy natural fats include extra virgin olive oil, butter, ghee, coconut oil, and rendered animal fats. Seed and vegetable oils are heavily processed and often oxidised, causing excessive Omega 6 fats in the body resulting in … Continue reading Healthy versus Unhealthy Fats


Kefir: A Super Probiotic

Gut health is getting a lot of air time recently, being linked to overall resistance to chronic health problems. Fermented foods are being reported as hugely beneficial to gut health. Kefir is a fermented milk drink made with kefir "grains", a yeast/bacterial fermentation starter. It typically contains about 30 different microorganisms, making it a much … Continue reading Kefir: A Super Probiotic

A Snack – Fresh Coconut

Fresh coconut is a handy low carb snack, being high in medium chain fatty acids. It can also be blended with full fat yoghurt and a tablespoon of seeds of your choice to make a delicious smoothie...perfect for breakfast. Although I must admit that cracking it open was not for the faint hearted, practice required!

Pancake Tuesday – Coconut Pancakes with Dark Chocolate

I was pleasantly surprised with how these coconut pancakes turned out. I even managed to properly flip a few without them ending up on the floor! The recipe came from the  dietdoctor site, which is an excellent resource for all Low Carbers. These are drizzled with 85% dark chocolate and served with some whipped cream. So … Continue reading Pancake Tuesday – Coconut Pancakes with Dark Chocolate

Macademia Nuts

Macademia nuts are very high in monounsaturated fats. Coming in at about 76% healthy fat, they are an ideal LCHF snack. They have typically been very hard to get and expensive. However, I have just discovered them at a very reasonable price at my local Lidl. They have been dry roasted (without any oils thankfully) … Continue reading Macademia Nuts