Berries and Cream

Berries are very low in carbs so are ideal to have as a dessert or if you are feeling like something sweet. Serve with whipped cream or full fat Greek yoghurt topped with some toasted nuts for a tasty crunch. Delicious and feels really very indulgent if you add some extra grated dark chocolate (85% … Continue reading Berries and Cream


Pancake Tuesday – Coconut Pancakes with Dark Chocolate

I was pleasantly surprised with how these coconut pancakes turned out. I even managed to properly flip a few without them ending up on the floor! The recipe came from the  dietdoctor site, which is an excellent resource for all Low Carbers. These are drizzled with 85% dark chocolate and served with some whipped cream. So … Continue reading Pancake Tuesday – Coconut Pancakes with Dark Chocolate

Dessert: Low Carb Chocolate Yoghurt

The good news is that chocolate is still on the menu as part of a low carb lifestyle. In fact good quality dark chocolate is actually good for you (and a great source of magnesium) The taste buds drift away from the exceptionally sweet milk chocolate to high cocoa dark chocolate (85% or higher). … Continue reading Dessert: Low Carb Chocolate Yoghurt

A Real Dessert: Frozen Yoghurt

This is an extremely interesting article on the impact of exercise on weight loss From my own personal experience, this all rings so very true. Diet is the key contribution to weight gain or loss. Cut the carbohydrates, cut the weight gain and progression towards metabolic syndrome. Eat Real Food! I made this real … Continue reading A Real Dessert: Frozen Yoghurt