Pork Steak with Leeks

Butter and leeks greatly compliment each other. Real butter is a healthy fat so don't be afraid of using it. It's also a great source of that hard to get K2 vitamin. Pork steak is typically lean so adding the butter is very important to give a nice healthy fat content. The stock will ensure … Continue reading Pork Steak with Leeks


Healthy versus Unhealthy Fats

A low carb diet means that healthy fats need to be increased. However the type of fat matters greatly. Healthy natural fats include extra virgin olive oil, butter, ghee, coconut oil, and rendered animal fats. Seed and vegetable oils are heavily processed and often oxidised, causing excessive Omega 6 fats in the body resulting in … Continue reading Healthy versus Unhealthy Fats

Fermented Foods

These days fermented foods are getting quite a lot of attention in the world of health and nutrition. This is partly because they contain high levels of probiotics which promote good gut bacteria as well as other health benefits.  Fermented foods really compliment an LCHF lifestyle as they are typically very low in net carbohydrates. Kimchee … Continue reading Fermented Foods

Cut the Sugar – including the artificial ones

I came across this interesting article on diet drinks. With the traditional model of weight control being calories in versus calories out, diet drinks are often thought of being a good substitute for sugary drinks. Sugar has widely been replaced  by HFCS and artificial sweeteners in manufactured foods and drinks. Dr. Jason Fung's book The … Continue reading Cut the Sugar – including the artificial ones