Home Made Burgers

Shop bought burgers often have grains and fillers and lots of low quality ingredients. Home made burgers are very easy to make and are a great idea for a barbeque. This recipe should make about 8 burgers.



600g of minced beef

2tsp of mustard

2 tsp of dried oregano

1 egg

A good dash of Worchester sauce

100g of cheddar cheese (optional)

Sea Salt and Pepper


Beat the egg, mustard, Worchester sauce and oregano together. Season well with sea salt and pepper.

Add to the meat mixture and mix thoroughly.

Form into burger shapes and leave in the fridge for about 30 mintues to set. Now cook on the barbeque or frying pan until cooked through.

Melt the cheese on top.

Serve with low carb veggies or a substantial side salad and pickles.