Avocados are a superb LCHF food. As well as being really tasty and versatile, they are extremely high in Monounsaturated Fatty Acids. Read more about the health benefits of avocados here.

They make an ideal snack or part of a full meal. Ideal with fried eggs or great as a side for roast chicken.

Buying and storing avocados is a learning process, how to ensure that the avocado is ripe when you want to eat it can be tricky. These are two handy tips

  1. Buy avocados unripe and allow to ripen at room temperature. When they are soft to touch, move to the fridge where they should keep well for about anther week
  2. If you need an avocado but cant wait for it to ripen, halve it and place in a moderate oven (170 deg C) for 20-30 minutes, for example if cooking something else. The result: baked avocado, super delicious.