Dinner: Chicken with Leeks

The three macronutrients of which food is comprised are fat, protein and carbohydrate. Reducing your carbohydrate intake means that you must increase either protein or fat. So for an LCHF diet, you must increase your intake of good fats.

This is where many people struggle, as for decades we have been incorrectly bombarded with messages on the detrimental health impact of fat. To get the maximum benefit of an LCHF diet and to maintain it in the long term, you MUST replace your carbs with healthy fats. Read more on https://authoritynutrition.com/5-most-common-low-carb-mistakes/

One way to do this is through fatty cuts of meat and eating skin and crackling.

Todays dinner fits that bill perfectly. It’s roasted chicken, served with the skin on! Here its served with leeks sauteed in butter, roasted greens and lemony EVO dressing. Delicious.