Dinner : A Chicken

For those of you who watch Michael Mosley on TV, he has also done a U-Turn on the diet advice that he is giving people. This article makes interesting reading. Thankfully more and more health practitioners are changing their tune on the diet advice they are giving.

Roast chicken is a real comfort dinner, the leg and the wings being the most nutritious. I buy a free range one as the texture of the meat is much firmer that those mass reared ones, not to mention the bird welfare issues.

The added benefit of a roast chicken is that you can get some nice chicken fat in the bottom of the roasting dish to use for cooking your morning eggs to make them extra delicious. I also keep the bones of the chicken to make chicken stock, but more on this one at a later date.

Here it is served with plenty of green veg and avocado which is a perfect companion for chicken especially if you want to avoid starchy gravies. The avocado on this plate was made using this recipe. Make sure to eat the chicken skin as well!



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