Lunch : Mix ’em gather ’em

The history of how the conventional Food Pyramid came into being is shown here on the Real Meal Revolution website in this short but entertaining video. Also Nina Teicholz has an excellent TEdx talk on her research for her book “The Big Fat Surprise”.  Her talk has more information on this topic and the influence of politics on the state of the western worlds health. has fantastic traffic light system for good and bad foods. This is a great reference for deciding what you should and should not be eating for best health.

This salad is made up of several items from this green list. Spinach leaves, olives, cheddar cheese, ham, boiled egg and avocado, all dressed in lots of extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar.

All of these individual items are suitable for a childs lunchbox, once they get used to the taste of them of course.